About Us

Our Story

The Joy family have a deep connection to Wolfe Island and the St. Lawrence River, having spent their formative years engaged in activities like boating, fishing, water skiing, and tubing.

Recognizing the significance of winter maintenance for vessels, Bill and Michelle Joy have assembled a dedicated team of marine professionals who are committed to providing the same level of care to their clients' boats as they do for their own.

Since its inception, Joy Boatworks has expanded its services to accomodate over 200 vessels annually, assisting boat owners in enjoying the boating season in and around the Kingston area.

Our Philosophy

At Joy Boatworks, we believe in making our clients as happy on land as they are on the water.

We understand just how much a boat means to its owner, and that's why we dedicate every aspect of our service to ensure that our clients' vessels aren't just protected — but optimized — so that they never have to worry about sacrificing a day on the water.

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